Thousands of South Africans are regrouping to ask forgiveness from Nigeria.

Thousands of South Africans are regrouping to ask forgiveness from Nigeria.

Thousands of South Africans have appeared in a peaceful demonstration to apologize to Nigeria and other African countries for xenophobic attacks.

After citizens of Nigeria and other African countries were attacked by citizens of South Africa and there were murders and looting of companies owned by foreigners in their country.

We recall that South African President Ramphosa, who was in Zimbabwe to commemorate the late Robert Mugabe, also apologized to the citizens of the country and of Africa in general for the xenophobic attacks by South Africans on black foreigners.

“Mugabe was a friend of the ANC, a friend of the SA people, who stood by us in our darkest hour and provided unwavering support as our people suffered from apartheid egg yolk,” Ramaphosa said to boots and yells.

Ramaphosa told the crowd that he had understood their reaction and offered an apology and stated that South Africa was open to all African nations.

“In the last two weeks, we have gone through a challenging time as South Africans. There have been acts of violence, some against nationals of other countries. This has led to the deaths of some nationals from other countries, but the majority were South Africans,” he said.

“I stand before you as an African colleague to express my regret and apologize for what has happened in our country. What happened in South Africa runs counter to the principles of the
the unity of the African people, represented by Presidents Mugabe, Mandela, Tambo and the great leaders of our continent.

“I stand before you, dear Zimbabweans and Africans, we are working very hard to teach South Africans to accept people from all countries. I would like to thank you for the support you have given us as South Africans at this difficult time.

“I want to say here today that South Africans are not xenophobic, not against nationals of other countries, we welcome people from other countries.



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