MI Abaga runs to Vector’s Twitter DM to beg for peace – see leaking messages

Vector has just leaked a conversation on the Internet in which MI is seen persuading him to make a truce with his running beef.

The Lafiaji rapper took part in his Twitter page to publish the screenshots of the entertainment they had in 2015 and those they had just minutes ago. They would all remember in “The Viper”, MI claimed, that Vector hates him since he came into the music industry. However, Vector tried to make this claim to sleep by publishing a screenshot of a message he sent to MI in 2015 asking him to jump on the remix of his rap hit single “King Kong”. MI never sent a verse, however, as it did not appear on the remix, which had two different versions.

From that point away to the second part of the screenshot, you could see MI trying to play some kind of mind games with Vector while still trying to convince him to leave his team and move to Chocolate City. He reveals that, as promised, he would give him the 20 million Vector would spend at his discretion. Vector wasn’t impressed by this number, however, when he revealed that MI was always wandering around his DM to be petty.

Furthermore, after Vector’s assertion that MI had deleted some of his messages, the head of Chocolate City confirmed this, saying that he did not expect anyone over 30 years of age to do so.

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